Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Reviews Acorn – Creative Cooking That’s Worth Exploring


Acorn Pittsburgh, a modern american cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Shadyside, has been reviewed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Quote from article:

“Acorn contrasts its lean decor with dishes that, if they were songs, would be on your stomp-clap playlist featuring Spoon and the Lumineers: They’re percussive, catchy and generally harmonious, with a bevy of ingredients, that, on the plate displays a fluency in technique.”

“Vegetables that elsewhere could be dowdy are pretty lively here, like the smoked beets ($13) with goat cheese gremolata and walnuts, for a composition that tastes like barbecue potato chips. The charred cauliflower ($14) is nearly seductive, with apricot, lemon, walnuts and toasted breadcrumbs. A goat sausage ($16) — three cheers for goat, although at other times the dish features veal — is plated in cast iron, with mustard seeds that sidle up to meat dressed with celery and chives, coddled by a layer of spatzle and cabbage confit. It’s a luscious dish.”

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