Pittsburgh Magazine Talks With Acorn Chef Scott Walton About Thanksgiving Dinner

November 20, 2018


Acorn chef Scott Walton was interviewed by Pittsburgh Magazine for their article titled, “How Pittsburgh Chefs Spend & Prepare Their Thanksgiving.” Scott offered advice to those about to tackle the big thanksgiving dinner, along with how Acorn celebrates the holiday.

Quote from article:

“Peek into the windows of Acorn in Shadyside on Thanksgiving Day, and you’ll witness a cozy scene: a large group gathered in the restaurant, eating, drinking and celebrating together. It’s executive chef/co-owner Scott Walton, his family, members of his team and some of their families”

“For the home cook, Walton places a strong emphasis on planning and organization, starting with paying attention to the mise en place — a French culinary term that calls for a thoughtful organization of ingredients prior to the beginning of meal preparation”

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