Pittsburgh Magazine Talks With Acorn Chef Scott Walton About Thanksgivng Dinner


Acorn chef Scott Walton was interviewed by Pittsburgh Magazine for their article titled, “How Pittsburgh Chefs Spend & Prepare Their Thanksgiving.” Scott offered advice to those about to tackle the big thanksgiving dinner, along with how Acorn celebrates the holiday.

Quote from article:

“Peek into the windows of Acorn in Shadyside on Thanksgiving Day, and you’ll witness a cozy scene: a large group gathered in the restaurant, eating, drinking and celebrating together. It’s executive chef/co-owner Scott Walton, his family, members of his team and some of their families”

“For the home cook, Walton places a strong emphasis on planning and organization, starting with paying attention to the mise en place — a French culinary term that calls for a thoughtful organization of ingredients prior to the beginning of meal preparation”

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