Pittsburgh Magazine Talks With Acorn Chef Scott Walton About Thanksgiving Dinner

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Acorn chef Scott Walton was interviewed by Pittsburgh Magazine for their article titled, “How Pittsburgh Chefs Spend & Prepare Their Thanksgiving.” Scott offered advice to those about to tackle the big thanksgiving dinner, along with how Acorn celebrates the holiday. Quote from article: “Peek into the windows of Acorn in Shadyside on Thanksgiving Day, and you’ll witness [...]

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Acorn wins OpenTable Diners’ Choice Award!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Acorn Pittsburgh won the OpenTable Diners’ Choice Award. This award is given to top-rated restaurants each month and give them greater visibility on OpenTable.com. Quote from article: “Your restaurant has been selected by OpenTable diners as one of the best.” “OpenTable Diners’ Choice winners are selected according to real feedback from diners who booked through us and [...]

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KDKA’s David Highfield and Susan Koeppen visit Acorn

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE KDKA is known for being your online source for local news, weather and sports, but this time they decided to try an exciting new restaurant in Shadyside. David Highfield and Susan Koeppen try a few small plates including charred cauliflower with walnuts and croutons, beef tenderloin for the main course and shortcake biscuits with goat milk vanilla ice cream and [...]

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Men’s Journal Explains Why This Potato Salad Should Be Your Side Dish

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Acorn was showcased in the Men’s Journal article “This Potato Salad Proves the Popular Side Dish Belongs on the Grill”. With the addition of chimichurri and peaches, now’s as good of a time as ever to abandon that pale and pre-made beige glug on your plate. Quote from article: “A twist on the traditional potato salad, the [...]

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Forbes.com showcases Acorn’s Lady Bird cocktail

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Acorn was listed in the Forbes.com article “12 Easy Cocktail Recipes to Serve All Spring and Summer Long” for the new Lady Bird cocktail. Quote from article: “Visually, I wanted to create something alive and capture the rejuvenation of spring. The vibrant green resembles the fresh start of the season but doesn’t add a flavor that’s too [...]

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Eater lists Acorn as one of the 14 Hottest New Restaurants in Pittsburgh

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Today Eater visits Pittsburgh, where the restaurant boom continues, with indie fast-casual spots picking up steam. Yet there’s no slowdown of boundary-breaking big-money projects, either. Acorn, who is listed as number 12 on the list, makes a big impact as one of the hottest restaurants that have opened in Pittsburgh in the last year. Quote from article: [...]

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Justluxe Interviews Acorn’s Chef Scott Walton

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE In an interview with Acorn Chef Scott Walton, JustLuxe.com created an article entitled “Scott Walton: The Chef Shaking Things Up In Pittsburgh.” The article spotlights Acorn’s innovative, refined plates and offers an extensive interview with Scott regarding his background and inspiration. Quote from article: “Acorn is one of the only restaurants open for dinner every night of [...]

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