build your garden

Build your own salad. Starting at $12

Greens (choose one)

arcadia mix, romaine, iceberg


carrot, cucumber, pickled onion, beet, tomato, coix seed, avocado, jalapeno, pepperoncini, yellow bell peppers, olives, bacon, hard-boiled egg, peas, radish, crinkle-cut fries


buttermilk blue cheese, sharp cheddar, queso fresco, parmesan


citronette, black pepper caesar, oregano vin, green goddess

Protein 4 Each

grilled chicken, steak, shrimp

“Bubbe’s” Matzo Ball Soup 11

broth, carrot, celery, dill turnip, parsley

Fish & Chips 14

beer batter, traditional chip, malt, cornichon tartare

Roast Turkey 14

smashed cucumber & onion salad, manchego, cherry, dijon, sourdough

Cheeseburger 14

onion, lettuce, pickle, American cheese, acorn sauce, fries

Shrimp & Grits 14

crystal hot sauc shrimp, chow chow, crab boil sauce

Fried Chicken 14

pickles, szechuan, orange, coriander

Fish Tacos 15

chili, lime, radish, black mint, corn tortilla

All sandwiches come with choice of house fries or bistro salad.

hand-crafted sodas

Violet Beauregarde 8

blueberry, butterfly tea, ginger, vanilla

Dr. Ayer’s Sarsaparilla 8

sassafras, anise, smoke, ginger, licorice

house-curated mocktails

Lotus Bomb 8

green tea, key lime, matcha, mint

Strawberry Fields Forever 8

watermelon, basil, pickle juice