Chef Scott Walton

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Chef Scott Walton successfully worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years in Chicago. He’s held numerous Executive Chef positions and received many accolades for his talents and love of food. Markethouse is where Scott really came into his own style of cooking. Building one of the largest rooftop gardens in the city and sourcing responsibly, he built a reputation that was well-respected in the industry. After a 4 year run at Markethouse, Scott accepted the Executive Chef position at Howells and Hood located in the historic Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue. This is where Scott met now partner, Jason Akemann.

The two built friendship based on mutual love and appreciation of good food done right.

Although Chicago is where Walton called home for over 20 years, he realized home is where the heart is. His wife, Maggie, was born and raised in Pittsburgh, and even though, she, too, enjoyed living in Chicago for 7 years, it’s never felt like home to her. Home was Pittsburgh. Her face would light up when she described the friendly people of Pittsburgh, the character of its eclectic neighborhoods, the innumerable cultural offerings – and the city enticed Walton. When Walton first visited Pittsburgh in 2012, he came to understand his wife’s passion and he was hooked.

When they started their family in 2014, they knew Pittsburgh is where they want to raise their family and where Walton wanted to plant roots within the community.

Shortly after moving to Pittsburgh in 2014, Walton took the Executive Chef position at Heinz Field. While Walton relished this opportunity, he still kept looking to open his own space.

As his wife always says “all roads lead to Pittsburgh” and it couldn’t be truer.

Simple. Honest. Soulful. This is how Walton describes his food in a nutshell.